Eastbourne downs will not be sold

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We are delighted that Eastbourne Borough Council has done a U-turn and decided not to sell 3,000 acres of its downland. The decision follows a public poll which showed that 75 per cent of respondents voted against the sale of downland, even though this may mean a cut in other services.

We called on the council to halt its plans and we backed Keep Our Downs Public and other organisations which protested against the threat to the downs. The land was acquired in 1929 by Eastbourne Council to ‘secure free and open use of the Downs in perpetuity’.

We are relieved that Eastbourne Council has reversed its plans to flog off its magnificent downland.

The society was active in 1929 when the downs were acquired for the people. We have always believed that public ownership of the downs is the best way to secure their long-term protection.

These downs are the nation’s Crown Jewels, much loved not only by the people of Eastbourne but by visitors from far and wide. They are now part of the South Downs National Park, indicating how special they are. Here we can find freedom and fresh air, health and happiness.

We are delighted that the downs are safe again.’

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