Delay to implementation of Part 1, Commons Act 2006

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The society is disappointed to learn that there has been a last-minute delay to implementation of Part 1 of the Commons Act 2006 in two new pioneer areas, Cumbria and North Yorkshire. It will not therefore be possible to make applications in these two areas from 1 October as originally scheduled.

We have been advised that the draft regulations, the Commons Registration (England) Regulations 2014, should be finalised this week and we will then be notified of the revised implementation date. We understand that this is now likely to be 1 December 2014.

Our case officer, Nicola Hodgson, says “We encourage people to take advantage of the opportunity to register lost commons in Cumbria and North Yorkshire when these two counties are added to the existing list of seven pioneer areas in England. It’s well worth doing because once land is registered we win the right to walk there (if it has not already been mapped as access land) and there may be new rights to ride there too. Furthermore the land is protected from development and enclosure.

We will be publicising the confirmed date of implementation as soon as it is available.”

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