Common land restored at Radfall Road, Blean, Kent

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We welcome the decision by the planning inspectorate to grant our application to register as common land two pieces of land comprising approximately one hectare, near Blean, two miles north of Canterbury in Kent.

The registered common falls either side of Radfall Road, Kent. Photo: Open Spaces Society

In 1969 and under the Commons Registration Act 1965, an area of land known as Radfall Road running through Blean Woods was registered as common land. The application to register the land had also included two small parcels of land situated on either side. However, following an agreement made at the time between the applicant and an objector, the parcels of land either side were excluded from registration.

Under paragraph 4 of schedule 2 to the Commons Act 2006, the excluded land became eligible for re-registration. The society’s application to register the land duly provided evidence that the excluded land is waste land of a manor.

Says Frances Kerner, our commons re-registration officer, who carried out the research and submitted the application: ‘The registration of the two pieces of land at Radfall Road is a welcome addition to the register of common land in Kent. I am delighted that, as a consequence of registration, the public will in future be able to access the land and enjoy its beauty.’

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