Campaign to save Henley green space

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We are dismayed that the international land-agents, Chesterton Commercial (Oxon) Ltd, plan to swallow up most of a small green space at Northfield End, Henley. They have applied for planning permission for a new layout for ten parking spaces on the green. We have sent an objection to South Oxfordshire District Council.

Threatened green looking south

Threatened green looking south

Says the society’s general secretary, Kate Ashbrook: ‘This is a lovely triangle of green space and an important and integral part of the setting of the historic buildings here. It is an attractive green with mature trees and it will soon be enhanced by spring flowers.

Threatened green looking north

Threatened green looking north

‘If the new layout for parking spaces is allowed, the green space will be lost and the trees felled—yet this is in the Conservation Area. An important public amenity would be sacrificed merely to allow people to park outside the houses.

‘We are delighted that Henley Town Council has told Oxfordshire County Council, the highway authority, that it would exercise its veto to oppose the closure of the road in front of the houses at Northfield End. We too would oppose any privatisation of the road; it needs to be properly maintained as a public highway.

‘The highway and the green space must now be protected for the benefit of the public, and we hope South Oxfordshire District Council will refuse planning permission for the parking spaces,’ Kate concludes. The Henley Society is among the objectors.

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