Anglesey Council rejects plans for development in beauty spot

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Anglesey Council has rejected a planning application for a new dwelling at Llangoed in the designated Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).

We opposed the plan for a new house at the rear of Penmarian Mawr because it would be an eyesore in this intimate, attractive landscape with its historic features and listed buildings, in an AONB which deserves the highest protection.

We were particularly concerned that the new access to the property would be across registered common land, and the applicants, Mr and Mrs Wood, would therefore need consent from Welsh ministers as well as planning permission. There have been other cases where the council has granted planning permission for works on common land and the applicant has ignored the law and gone ahead without getting common-land consent.

Here the adjoining common is of immense natural beauty and of value as a wildlife habitat, where people have the right to walk and enjoy the exquisite scenery. We felt that the common would be degraded by the location of the new property on adjoining land and by its access route.

So we are overjoyed that the council has rejected this damaging application.

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