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The Open Spaces Society is a small organisation and we must use our limited resources to best effect in achieving our charitable objectives. We must therefore prioritise the cases in which we become involved. In considering whether and how to give support and assistance, we shall have regard to, inter alia:

• Public benefit (cf private gain)
• Whether a case furthers our aims and objectives
• Whether a case establishes a precedent with wider implications
• Resource implications
• Likelihood of success
• Whether the correspondent is a qualifying member
• Reputational implications
• Whether the case could or should be handled elsewhere

These will enable us to prioritise our casework including:
• a decision on whether we should do it at all
• the urgency with which it is tackled
• the resource/staff time we give/devote to it


The Open Spaces Society has staff with exhaustive experience in handling matters related
to our charitable purposes. While every endeavour has been made to give our considered
opinion, the law in these matters is complex and subject to differing interpretations. Such
opinion is offered to help members, but does not constitute formal legal advice.