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Application Deadline: 31/12/2023



The work of the Open Spaces Society depends heavily on its volunteers. In particular our team of Local Correspondents is the backbone of our efforts to preserve public paths, common land and greens. For this post it is essential that the person has the ability to understand and scrutinise path change consultations and orders and planning applications and to make appropriate recommendations.

Local correspondents in urban areas

In urban areas the work of local correspondents is likely to be more concerned with parks and other open spaces, defending them against undesirable development and enclosure, often by the local authority owners. The society is directly consulted on commons and rights-of-way matters, but other threats can only be discovered by looking for planning applications and articles in local papers. Also some of our urban authorities still have no definitive maps of public paths which makes the job more difficult.

For this post it is essential that the person has the willingness and ability to study planning proposals as they relate to commons, greens, open spaces and paths and to make appropriate recommendations. Although a background in land law would be extremely useful, this is not essential as the society will provide guidance.

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