Commons Management for Land Managers

“I arrived thinking I knew a fair bit about commons, their history and the rights associated with them, soon to be put right by Kate’s and John’s remarkable depth of knowledge.”
Attendee at Great Fen Training Day, October 2014

Commons Management for Land Managers

Location: Wareham, Dorset
Duration: 1 day

Footprint Ecology, an independent consultancy based in Dorset, runs the above course for those with an interest in, or responsibility for, common land.  The course is led by our general secretary, Kate Ashbrook, in association with Dr John Day, Director of Footprint Ecology, and is designed to help land managers, and others with an interest in commons, understand their rights and responsibilities, and prepare and implement management plans on common land.

The course covers the history and origins of commons, commons legislation, and the use of commons consents and consultation exercises. It will also look at the process of obtaining planning consent for fencing, with a practical exercise.

Kate Ashbrook has been general secretary of OSS for over 30 years and has an encyclopaedic knowledge of commons and countryside access.

Dr John Day has undertaken work on over forty commons including public consultations, writing management plans and the submission of applications for fencing and other works, and giving evidence at commons inquiries.

For further details and to reserve a place please email for a booking form.

Commons management course 1 Commons management course 2

Attendees at the Commons Management for Land Managers course run at Guildford, Surrey on Thursday 24 September 2015.

“Very informative and tried to answer all questions”; “Lots of useful info covering key aspects of common land management”; “Trainers were very clear, interesting and involving”. Feedback from attendees on the course.


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