Could you help support us to take legal action?

Here at the Open Spaces Society, we've always been willing to go to court to get things done. Over our 150 year history, we're proud of the results we've achieved and the land and paths we've been able to protect. 

Sadly, we're having to take the legal route more often than ever, as green and open spaces are suffering after years of financial austerity.

The people who are supposed to protect them - from local councils to the government - aren't always doing so, which means we're forced to step in, depleting our legal fund. 

That's why we need your help this autumn. 

  • Your donation will help us fund legal action where it's needed. 
  • It will help us protect open spaces and paths which have never been more vital. 
  • And it will allow us to safeguard land and our rights there for future generations to enjoy. 

Thank you. 

Have a read of some of the recent successful cases, paid for by our legal-action fund. 

User groups save Gloucestershire highway 

A precious public ‘green road’ has been protected by user groups combining efforts to resist Gloucestershire County Council’s application to a magistrates’ court to extinguish public rights[1] over Hanover Green Road[2]  in the parish of Redmarley D’Abitot. Cheltenham magistrates found the track to be necessary for the public to use, particularly on foot and by…

Right to backpack camp on Dartmoor’s commons confirmed by appeal court

We are delighted that three judges in the court of appeal have unanimously overturned the high court ruling and resolved that there is a right to backpack (wild) camp on Dartmoor’s common land. The full judgment can be read here. The society intervened in the court of appeal to support the Dartmoor National Park Authority…

Blackbushe aerodrome remains a common

We have welcomed the decision of the supreme court not to grant leave to appeal against a decision that Blackbushe aerodrome should remain registered as common land.   The aerodrome lies on Yateley Common in Hampshire. It was established as a temporary wartime measure.[1] It is now operated by Blackbushe Airport Limited (BAL). Yateley Common,…