AGM 2020

Because of the public health emergency, this year’s AGM will consist of the minimum statutory business and with all voting by proxy.  This will be by instructing the chairman of the meeting to cast your vote.  If you wish you can leave the choice to the chairman.  To enable informed decisions to be taken, members are invited to send questions about any of the items to be voted on in advance of the meeting.  Please send any questions by Thursday 25 June 2020 to  We shall provide answers by Thursday 2 July 2020 which will be posted here and sent by post to those who request it.  This allows time for the answers to be considered before the voting deadline, which is 12 noon on Wednesday 8 July 2020.

Revised arrangements for our 2020 AGM


Dear Members

In view of the current pandemic, the restrictions on movement, and the advice of the Charity Commission that it is admissible to find an alternative means of holding the annual general meeting, the trustees have agreed alternative arrangements for the 2020 AGM, which would have been held in London on Thursday 9 July.

The trustees have thought about how to make it easy for members to ask the questions that normally crop up at an AGM, and to make sure that all members have the opportunity to consider the answers before voting.

According to our articles of association, revised July 2019, the minimum business for the AGM is to:

  • receive the accounts for the previous financial year,
  • receive a written report on the charity’s activities,
  • elect trustees to fill the vacancies arising, and
  • appoint reporting accountants or auditors for the charity.

The trustees therefore have agreed the following arrangements.

For those members for whom we have email addresses

1          We inform members by email and this website of the agreed arrangements.

2          The normal mailing dates are maintained for the email dispatch of the annual report, accounts, ballot papers and details of trustees for election and vice-presidents for appointment (deadline for nominations is Wednesday 27 May 2020).  We shall ask members to vote via the website.

3          Three weeks before the date of the AGM there will be a week (ie 18 – 25 June) in which members can submit comments and questions on the papers.  These will be answered by staff or trustees, and at the end of the week a collated set of questions and answers is circulated to members by email.

4          During the following week the ballot will open.  All voting will be by proxy, ie members instruct the chairman how to vote.

5          On 9 July the tellers will count the votes and the results will be announced by email and on the website.

The annual report and accounts for the year 2019 can be found hereIf members would like a hard copy please let us know and we shall print and post when we can.

For those members for whom we do not have email addresses

We adopt the usual method, sending the ballot papers and inviting them to vote preferably by the website but otherwise to return by post.