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Protecting open spaces, common land, village greens
and public paths in England & Wales since 1865

Latest News

Bridgend open spaces in peril

We have objected strongly to a string of planning applications from the housing association Valleys to Coast. These proposals threaten to destroy many open spaces around Bridgend, for example at… Read More

Kington’s pioneer path-scheme comes to an end

After 25 years the pioneering Kington Footpath Scheme in Herefordshire has come to an end.  The scheme was invented and run by Peter Newman, our trustee and north-west Herefordshire local… Read More


Getting the buzz

The society has long opposed fencing on commons, and we are pleased that an alternative is being developed. Last November we joined a group of commons practitioners on a visit… Read More

Our 150th anniversary year

We have had plenty of activities to celebrate our 150th anniversary year, as Britain’s oldest national conservation body. Here are some highlights. Every day we have celebrated an event in… Read More

The Open Spaces Society is Britain’s oldest national conservation body, founded in 1865.