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Local to you

The work of the Open Spaces Society depends heavily on its volunteers. In particular our team of Local Correspondents is the backbone of our efforts to preserve public paths, common land and greens.

Please view the map above to see if there is a local correspondent in your area. If not, please direct your enquiry to our head office in Henley-on-Thames at 01491 573535 or email to

Become a Local Correspondent

As you know from our other website pages, you are welcome to join us without any obligation to be active in any manner, and your support is much appreciated.

However the Open Spaces Society is busy on the ground through its local correspondents. To become a correspondent, members choose their territory (which normally conforms to a local authority boundary). They are interviewed, and appointed by the board of trustees. Once appointed, correspondents have a high degree of autonomy, but they must report on their work to the trustees every quarter.

During the period of their appointment, the Open Spaces Society’s local correspondents communicate on our behalf with many local organisations, members of the public, local authorities and landowners, and with anyone and everyone in their territory who may be acting to the advantage or detriment of the public interests we seek to serve.

Please visit our recruitment page for further information and to apply to become a Local Correspondent for the Open Spaces Society.