Village Green Training Course

“Very interesting and well-presented topic. Enthusiastic attendees and excellent rapport with the trainers, Kate and Nicola”

There are some 3,650 village greens in England that come in all shapes and sizes. The expression ‘town or village green’ has long been used to describe land, rural or urban, over which the inhabitants of a particular locality hold customary recreational rights. The terms ‘town green’ and ‘village green’ are legally identical, only distinguishing where the green is situated.

Local councils have an important role in protecting and managing greens and have an opportunity to register new ones.

Village greens are a topical subject with the recent changes in the law in England brought about by the Growth & Infrastructure Act 2013, and the National Planning Policy Framework’s reference to green spaces.

Our training course will provide:

  • an introduction to village greens and why they are important
  • relevant legislation
  • the role of local councils in relation to village greens

1. what can and cannot be done to protect and manage them
2. voluntary registration

  • How to register land as a new green using the evidence process

1. the steps to be followed
2. potential pitfalls to watch out for

  • The Growth & Infrastructure Act 2013 and what it means for new greens in England
  • the National Planning Policy Framework’s reference to green spaces and the Local Green Space designation
  • Exchange of ideas on good practice